Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you Shake the Poop?

Did you know your supposed to shake the poop into the toilet, when using disposables?
I'm sure you didn't and I'm sure you never noticed the label on the diaper package. I never did. I have also noticed that in the past few years, the labels are starting to vanish. The one in this pic is of the store brand diapers. Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs no longer have this label on their packages. I searched their sites and only the Pampers website states that under 'Helpful Hints'. It's down at the bottom.
Some people might just shrug and say "So what, it's just a little poop." But lets think about this on a bigger scale here. The average NB has between 3-6 poops a day until they are on solids, between 4-6 months. So, that's roughly 675 poopy diapers. Then, once they are on solids, it's about 1-2 a day. So that's about 1095 poopy diapers.  That is a whopping 1770 poopy diapers that have been sent to the landfill in your childs diapering life. Now multiply that by EVERY baby out there right now. uh huh. Pretty gross.
Now think about this.
When it rains, water seeps into the landfills where these diapers have been sent and despite our best efforts, some does leach into our watershed. Pretty unnerved now? You should be. Poop is gross, but it belongs with all the other gross matter that gets flushed and sent to water treatment plants.  So, why not just flush it and send it where it belongs? Oh right, that requires extra work and you getting more up close and personal with the poop.
As parents, we get puked on, pooped on, and peed on by our kids, sometimes daily. Why are we so unnerved by number 2? This should be part of our standard procedure by now. 'Wipe poop off bum, dump poop in toilet, chuck/wash diaper."
We need to stop being chicken about this and just do it. I say,  SHAME on any diaper brand that doesn't label their diapers with this simple statement. Stop letting parents be lazy about this, poop belongs in one place and it isn't the garbage.

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