Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Family Bed

Our bed is a sad case.  When I was pregnant with our daughter, we found out that we were inheriting the queen size bed and bedroom set that was my husbands grandmothers. I was elated. We had been making due with our full since we got married. It was fine for just the two of us, but when our son was born, we soon realized that it was going to be a problem. He's not big on sharing and we were in the situation of losing sleep due to hands and feet invading our space.
My husbands cousin brought the set down for us and in my impatience, I made my husband set it up so we could sleep on it. Oh, did I mention we were also using the old mattress that came with it?? I didn't? Well, we were using the old mattress and to our dismay. We learned that grandma, in her old age (and stubborness) had developed a "leaky" problem which she denied. Well, to put it short. The mattress stunk. That's not even the right word. REEKED is more appropriate. I was sorry the first night. I didn't sleep well at all. As our bodies made the bed warm and toasty, the "fragrance" became stronger. My husband didn't smell it or at least claims not to smell it.
Due to my super heightened, pregnant nose, I smelled it and it kept waking me up.
I stripped the bed the next morning and sprayed it down with Febreeze. When that ran out, I mixed vinegar and water in the bottle, then sprayed it down. That helped a little. I then went out to the store and bought a plastic mattress cover and a soft one to put onto to decrease the crinkle noise. That helped and has kept it at bay since. (This is just a temporary solution until we can afford to buy a new mattress set.)
I did enjoy the comment our son made the first night though when he sneaked into our bed. I did the normal, grab and roll with him so that he was in between us. He was quiet for a few moments, then said "Daddy is at work?" My husband chuckled thus making our son say "oh! Daddy, I thought you went to work, but you right there."
When my daughter hit six months, we decided to move our room upstairs and make our room our sons. Our daughter sleeps in the nursery, since she isn't big on bedsharing right now. This presented the problem of getting our bed upstairs. The frame: no problem, the mattress: no problem, the boxspring: problem.
So my husband decided to cut it in half to fit it up our stairs. He then, reattached it and assured me that it was fine.
It lasted that night. Come morning, I think it was around 6:30, when all of us were in the bed. Daughter nursing, son sleeping, me and hubby dozing. The bed snapped in the middle popping us upright. That worked better than any alarm clock I've ever had. My husband joked that he was awake anyway. I joked that we now had a "Craft-matic Adjustable Bed" like from the info-mercials. He then proceeded into the basement to get his tools and while making 'Tim Allen' grunting noises, he re-fixed the bed.
It has since held up, but is starting to make creaking and popping noises again. Let's just say I am eager for tax return season and have high hopes of mattress sales this spring.

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