Saturday, November 19, 2011

Business of Being Born: Down on the Farm

Just watched it with one of my BF's and I have to say, that I LOVED it. Obviously. I want to meet Ina May badly. Road Trip tomorrow if it were possible. She has so much love for what she does and such a desire for helping to inform and change how women view pregnancy and birth. She is brilliant.

There was one thing that she said in the movie that just took me totally by surprise and I want to find the actually statistic for it somewhere now and put it here. She claimed that there is no Autism in Amish communities where women give birth in their beds and that there hasn't been a single case of it on The Farm, where she works.
wow.........just wow. That made me stop and think.
Hold on! NONE!? But then that goes to some of the things I posted earlier (much earlier) when I was pregnant about the medications that they give pregnant women in labor. Most of them have no FDA legal dosing, so the Doctors are just winging it and the dose is different per Doctor.
Then there is ultrasounds. It's been proven that when you apply ultrasounds to some cells they enlarge and change.
What are WE doing to our babies in the medical communities??
I just had to write about his quickly. I am exhausted, but fear not there will be more.

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