Monday, November 21, 2011

Sugar Dance

Sugar. The bane of almost every parents existence, at least of those that care about their kids.
Sugar is a topic of constant debate in my home. Should I put sugar in the cookies or should I use the Agave/honey? If it is up to my husband, sugar wins out. My son eats them with or without sugar. The only difference is that when he has had sugar, he does a Tasmanian Devil dance through the house. Pillows, blankets, sofa cushions, and toys are rendered asunder and left in his wake. He crashes into the walls, chairs, dining room table, and even crashes on the hardwood floor in a way that would normally send him into tears. But the Sugar pumping in his veins sends him in a flurry again.
The bigger problem is that I am as much of an addict as my son. Only I don't go into a destructive fury, I do laundry or clean. I know I am a sugar addict, I wake up some mornings with a hangover that would make grown men cry and avid espresso drinkers shake. Gratefully this is not everyday.  My husband doesn't seem phased by sugar. He may get spurts of energy from hot chocolate, but mostly he falls asleep after a bowl of ice cream. If I have one,  I'm up until midnight, feeling like the squirrels you see trying to cross the street. Jittery, scared, and borderline insane.
I hate sugar. I have plenty of sugar free, applesauce, honey, blue agave recipes. Some of them I created myself, others I've found. But I can't seem to be rid of the stuff. It is always sneaking back into my house in the form of chocolate chips, brown sugar, or just pure granulated.  I do my best to limit it since I can't seem to get rid of it. My children are fine without it. It's me that is shoving chocolate chips into my mouth while doing laundry in the basement. It helps me through the insanity of having kids. Some women turn to wine, I have my chocolate chips. I guess wine is more refined sounding, but I would be drunk by the time bedtime came around and "If you give a mouse a cookie" doesn't sound good slurred. Though some Dr. Seuss might.

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