Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I had my orientation for becoming a working Co-op member the other night. If it's a clue of what kind of people are also working there, I'm in.  The person giving it was an older lady who was not the most organized, but was happy to be doing it anyway. There were four others, a man, a lady and two girls (18 maybe 20, young enough to call girls.) Mostly it was an open conversation about what we expected and what positions we could work and how often.
It was when we were doing introductions that some of the interesting conversations came about. Most had always shopped there, but never sought membership. One had been recently made aware of a medical condition that unhealthy diet was making worse. After seeking multiple opinions and having had several prescriptions thrown at him, he came across a doctor who simply said "Stop eating these things and you will get better." He tried it and found out, that indeed it did work that way. That easily.
Since I too, have had to make diet adjustments (no more sugar, dairy, and nightshade plants), I asked what he had to give up. Turns out he was drinking about 12 POTS of coffee a day. This stopped me in my tracks and made my head spin. 12???!!! That makes my 1 cup every so often, seem like nothing.  Then it dawned on me. There are people out there who don't understand a direct link between their diet and their health. Or people who would rather have pills with unknown long term side effects given to them, rather than avoiding certain foods.
"No, I want to keep eating my pizza, burgers, fries, with double malt shakes."
Ok, but if you want to live until you 70, you need to not eat that. People have said that Corn Syrup doesn't make people fat and that Diet Soda doesn't either. Yes, that product may not itself make you fat, but it makes you used to sweet and fattening tastes.
The argument can go around and around but the only fact that can be labeled as true, is how healthy we are long term in our diets. What's the point of eating what you want if you feel like crap? Did I want to give up sugar or dairy? No. It's way easier to not and the few weeks without them was horrible. But, after the hangover was gone, I felt fine. Great even. Able to wake up and not be groggy in the morning, having energy to keep up with my kids.

But I still cringe at the 12 pots a day. That means that was his drink when he was thirsty, no water or juice. Just coffee.

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