Thursday, May 31, 2012


Since I started working at the Co-op I have to say that apart from everyone being really nice, I am loving the exposure to new foods and products. That and most of the shoppers are very much so willing to share their recipes and cooking ideas.  For example, last night a lady came through with fennel. I have only ever known fennel as a seed or in my Mothers Milk tea. So I asked her what it tasted like and how she cooked it. She told me she sliced it and braised it, added it to stir frys and salads. Now I want to try.
Another thing that people buy by the box full is Kombucha. Had no idea what it was, saw it in the coolers and thought it was just a different type of tea drink. Nope, it's a pro-biotic, raw drink that comes in a ton of flavors and health benefits. Some of them aren't very good, my first one was Bilberry (thought it said Blueberry) and it was good but not great.  I grabbed some Strawberry, Cherry, Gingeraide, and Raspberry ones today. So far the Cherry-Chia is good. Has a tapioca texture because of the Chia, but worth repeating.

If anything it's just nice working somewhere where almost everyone who is there WANTS to be there. They aren't there because they just need a job, most of us are volunteers and are there because we want to be. That makes a HUGE difference in the attitude of the environment. There is more joking, talking, and smiles. I'm sure people have bad days too, but when you are surrounded by all this love, it's hard to be.

More than anything, it's just really really nice to be somewhere and in the company of people who don't stare at you cross-eyed when you say you are planning to or have nursed until your child is two, if you say you don't like AC, or how much you love Kombucha.  Simple things that in my other job I have to explain or stand up for myself for. Granted there are a few people who are out there even for me, but who knows? Someday I may be that person that seems really out there, even for people who are green, wacko hippies. lol!

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