Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nurse in at Target...

This is me discreetly nursing my now 10month old at the local Target. Three other moms showed up. We had a great time sitting and talking while nursing our babies on and off in the cafe area of the store. Right by the registers and entrance. There was a news crew outside that interviewed one of the other moms, but they weren't allowed in the store to get clips of us in action. The manager that was on (I actually used to work with) came over to say hi and tell us how happy she was that we chose her store to do this in. When she was being interviewed by the reporter I overheard her state "We are very excited to be part of this...". I am very happy that I participated and that if anything knowledge about this policy will be spread throughout all the Target stores.
I also just want to add, that if there is a nurse-in happening near you and you are for breastfeeding. You can go, even if you don't nurse your baby or if your babies are my age, please attend! The more support for the cause, the better.  The highlight for me was when a women in her 70's came over and told us that we were doing a great job and that she nursed all of her children.

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