Monday, February 11, 2013


I came across this term recently and it made me laugh. It really did. It is a term that is to describe people who blindly follow going only on what they are told.

It's used in the mudslinging that goes on in the Natural vs Hospital birthing wars. The people who blindly follow OB's are 'Sheeple' and the people who blindly follow Midwives are in with the 'Woo'.

'Woo'? Really?  That is a much less fun and less creative sounding name. More like 'WooHoo' but anyways.

So, because my mind works the way it does, I hear the term 'sheeple' and I instantly start humming, then singing:
 "Baaaaaaa....Look at all the Lonely Sheeple."

I have issues and I even have my own group of scientists working to solve them, until then.

This term is a fantastic one because unlike the not so fun sounding 'Woo', it can be used to describe anyone! If you blindly follow anything without any real cognitive thought process, you are a sheeple.  If you just listen to one radio broadcaster, watch one news station, read one news website and completely and utterly trust what is told to you 100% of the time, you might be a sheeple.  If anything now I have a new word in my dictionary to use.

 back to my song now.

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