Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why some arguements will never go away...

There are a lot of arguments out there that I'm getting tired of. Not to the point of not involving myself in them, but just make me feel like all I'm doing is hitting repeat on my internal player.
To name a few: to circumcise or not, any breastfeeding arguments, cloth diapering, crying it out, etc.
Apart from myself, I've heard a lot of people who just wish that they would just go AWAY. They are tired of hearing about them, tired of putting in their 2cents or tired of hearing about it in the news.
The trouble is that everyday there is a new parent, somewhere, who is either having a baby or finding themselves to be pregnant. This person, whose world has just been TV, movies, job, dating, eating out, shopping, etc, is suddenly finding themselves in a mindset that they never planned on being in. They are now in charge of choosing things for their child. The overwhelming amount of information out there is now pummeling their brain. Things that they may of once thought right, now have an argument as to why they are wrong or they are being attacked for making a decision of any kind. It's no longer as easy as picking out an outfit. Moms are attacking moms for just about everything.
If the mom looks put together : the child is being abandoned in someway.
If she is bottle feeding : she is attacked for not breastfeeding.
Or vice versa.
This is the simple reason why these arguments will never go away. There are new parents who now have a view of something or think that they have hit onto something big, that has already been argued about long before they came along. It's a hard thought. It doesn't mean that the fight should be over. It just means we need to back out if we are tired of the fight and rest from it. Being on the war front all the time is exhausting and burns us out to the point that we forget why we were fighting in the first place.

Standing up for anything today takes guts and lots of energy. Especially with social media being as it is. People now feel that they can attack and say what ever they wish without feeling a real backlash from it. It's all words and going back to the old rhyme "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Which, as much as we all wish it wasn't true, it is. There are chatting forums, websites, blogs that are loaded with all sorts of hate filled spite towards someone of opposing views. When did we shed our ability to be civil and why is it so accepted? Why do we think it is OK to bash another parent for their parenting? It is one thing if they are asking for an opinion, but when they are simply stating what they think to be true, who are we to verbally beat them down?

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