Monday, March 12, 2012

Small Business

Recently, I had to make the switch back to prefolds and covers with my daughter. She was starting to break out into rashes way to easily with the pocket diapers I've been using. Switched detergents, washed and repeated, still a rash. So, I busted out some prefolds and a cover I saved from my son and rash was gone. Almost overnight. I then started thinking about air flow and wondering if that could of been part of it. I had had some left over wool yarn and an easy old pattern that I used for my son. I quickly made a cover and was able to put it on her the next day. I loved it, her bottom loved it, it was love. So I bought more wool and started going crazy. I began to experiment with patterns woven in and they all came out nicely. Then I tinkered with the sizing and figured out what would work for each size. So, I'm now on the brink of leaping into the WAHM world. I'm still scared. Not sure if sitting and crocheting covers all day is what I really want to do yet, but I am addicted to make cute patterns.
There is a market for it regardless. So I will see where this takes me.

Yes, this is the reason why I haven't been blogging as diligently as I should be. I will come up with more topics and entries. I promise.

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