Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hazel wood

I know you are thinking of a tree right now. This is a hazel wood tree. 

But this necklace is why I'm talking about hazel wood.  I've known about the benefits of amber for a while. Both of my children have amber teething necklaces which have been shown to alleviate the symptoms of not only teething, but of osteoarthritis joint pain and sore muscles. I had purchased one for myself to help with my Lupus symptoms and was enjoying the results until my daughter broke the clasp when she was pulling on it in a raging fit. I need to get around to fixing it.
When I was online this past winter looking for amber bracelets for my mother in law for Christmas, I stumbled upon an amber/hazel wood necklace. Curious, I googled hazel wood and discovered that it helped out with eczema, cavities, GERD, and acid reflux. The reason being that it helps absorb acids from your body. You need to replace it every 3-6 months to maintain effectiveness. This made my heart jump. My son has horrible eczema on his arms, legs and starting on his face. We use the most sensitive soaps for detergents, body wash, and lotions. Things are almost always scent free. I've tried goats milk products, hydrocortizone creams, calendula lotions, etc. Nothing really seemed to touch it anymore. I had been eyeing a new line we got in at work that was designed to help with eczema. I was worried because nothing in the line was under $10. I want my son to be comfortable, but I wanted to buy him some birthday presents this month more.
So, I was happy to see that hazel wood necklaces with amber beads in them, started at around $14.  They also aren't coming from as far away as the amber I have purchased in the past. I love the idea of buying Lithuanian amber, but I have no patience for international shipping.  These necklaces are mostly being made in the Quebec province of Canada. I am only 5 hours away from the Canadian border to Quebec.  So, I quickly purchased one this past week with lemon amber stones in it. My son has been wearing it since. He was sad to take off his other one and wanted to wear them both at the same time, but he didn't like them all tangled. I told him I would put his amber one on his dresser and if he wanted to wear it to let me know. The nice thing is that it looks more masculine than the amber one did. I've always been slightly offended when people made comments as to why my son was wearing a necklace. I'm hoping to see the effects of it soon. It's hard to not feel bad when your child has bumpy rough skin on their once so soft cheeks.

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