Sunday, July 7, 2013


So, despite all my hopes my sons bad cavity had to be filled since it had actually become a hole in his tooth. Though, that being said, two of the other "stain" cavities have gone and we have one at a stand still. Same with my daughters cavity. They aren't getting worse, but the stain is still there. I will gladly take that for now.

I am going to try the xylitol in the next batch I make since my children cannot get over the taste of it without some sweetening. I myself love the tooth powder and the "mud" version of it. (It literally looks like you just squeezed mud onto your toothbrush thanks to the bentonite clay). It's very similar to the Earth Paste that is for sale in health stores and on amazon. Only for mine I didn't use the xylitol.  My teeth went through a brief period of being hyper-sensitive to hot/cold and sweet, yet it was over in a few days and hasn't returned. Which is nice because despite having used Sensodyne and other sensitive teeth products I still had bouts of sudden pain.

Moving on, I wish I could say that I had had success going completely no poo. I don't think I ever will be able to since I am an avid runner and am a sweaty matted mess 5 days a week. My children on the other hand have fantastic hair now. I will have to note that the shampoo did ferment really quickly on me thanks to the heat we have been suffering through lately.

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