Monday, July 9, 2012

The Chickenpox Hunter

I am hunting, rather impatiently for chickenpox. I am a hunter who has feelers out and traps set, with not prey to catch and not a bite on the bait.  Varicella is the only vaccine that I personally feel is useless. It is a convenience vaccine to me, one that prevents parents from having to take time off from work for two weeks while they deal with a sick child. Yes, that does seem problematic for the parents who have never spent more than a weekend off with their kids between work days. But for us parents who do not live and breathe work and are not bothered by the idea of being home with a sick child, this is not an issue.
My husband and I both had chickenpox when we were kids. My entire 2nd grade class was wiped out in our school for about 3 weeks, right before a much anticipated field trip to Park Safari. This is part of the reason why I am seeking it out. I do not want to get Shingles and I would prefer not to get the adult vaccine for it. Though I know nothing is 100%. Both my husband and I would prefer to have a natural immunity update from our children.

My journey down the vaccine info road has been a long and slow one. Both of my children have all the other vaxes required by our state and peds. The only one I just see as bogus is chicken pox. It's the most common of common childhood illness. It was like the cold. Mothers would have pox parties so that all the kids would get it over with during the summer when school was on hiatus. It is not a deadly disease, it can carry risks like with everything. But heck, babies die from fevers still and other unknown causes. As sad as that is, it is a fact.

Yet now the race is on. I have to either find it and naturally immunize my children before my son starts school or give him the shot. Time is not on my side and so far neither is nature.

My only question is, when did this common childhood disease become cursed? When did it become something that we are frightened with? Adults are more likely to get shingles because their child was given the shot, thus denying the parents systems with a natural update to the disease.  What is even more interesting to me is that this episode of 'Arthur' still airs on occasion. If it were such a big deal, wouldn't they of pulled it?

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