Monday, January 9, 2012

The Verdict

Well, it's been a week since my last post and I've been drinking the 1/2cup of beer every day. To start with I have to say, I can't believe this is something people look forward to at the end of their day. I can't believe what took me three days to finish, people down in 5 mins and then proceed to drink 10 more of. It makes me cringe and I have spent more time sitting and staring it down. Like a football player prepping for a game, I have to physc myself up to do it.

With that being said. It has helped. Immensely. I am now getting about 2oz a day, an oz a session. Which is FANTASTIC! Compared to it taking a week to get that. So, it does work as a medicine. But I would still rather drink Robitussin or some other medieval health beverage. I do not plan on keeping this up though. The thought of having to face a beer every evening until my daughter decides she doesn't want mama's milk from a bottle, is sickening. I have had horrible headaches this whole week, my ears are hurting as well. Though I'm not sure if that has to do with the beer or the fact that my children have been sick.

I am going to save this on my list of emergency things to do if my supply ever runs low again. I will drink a beer for my babies. (THAT SOUNDS SOOOO WRONG!!)  I'm hoping I can keep my new found supply levels up without it. I'm not planning on buying anymore after what I have is gone. My stomach and head will thank me I'm sure.

You are probably wondering why I even tried this. Aren't there supplements out there that claim to do the same thing? Yes, there are. Yet they cost roughly $40 for a bottle and you have to take 3 tablets a day. Beer is just freakin cheaper. Healthier: no. I needed a quick solution and well, waiting 3-5 days just wasn't possible. There isn't a local store that carries these supplements, Fenugreek : yes, but I already take that.  So, like everything else out there, what's bad for you is cheaper. I'm trying to think of the plus side to this. I have more milk in my freezer and that was my goal. It's probably loaded with extra calcium from all the antacids I've taken as well.
I know there are people reading this going "Why is she making such a big deal about a beer? I love beer/alcohol."
Intolerance runs in my family. It comes from my father's side of the family and yet as odd as it is, there are many alcoholics in his family.  Yet, my father was a preemie so that might have something to do with it. We have a low medicine tolerance and alcohol tolerance. Half of the adult doses on some medicines work fine for us. I've taken the adult dose of some meds and gotten terribly ill from them. My dad accidentally drank mimosa (wine and orange juice) at a family gathering. He thought it was orange juice. Half an hour later he was in the bathroom sick. His siblings think he makes it up, but he becomes violently ill after a few sips. I don't become ill, but I can't say it gives me anything to enjoy or look forward too.
This is one chapter I'm glad I explored, but am even happier to close.

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