Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Drunken Nursemaid

I've heard though movies, books and even sporatically online about back in the day, when wealthy women hired nursemaids, about drunk nursemaids. I used to think that it was a horrible thing to entrust your children to someone who got drunk. Now with a nursing view, I've wondered. Why was the nursemaid drinking to begin with? Who would hire someone who get soused on a daily basis?
Come to find out a little bit of beer is beneficial to production. A little bit, as in under 8oz, taken like a medicine. It has to do with the barely, hops and yeast that is used to make the beer. Not sure how it works, but it is effective enough that midwives used to recommend nursing mothers drink a beer if they were having production issues.
Now a days we are warned not to drink while pregnant and studies have shown that excessive amounts of alcohol can get into your milk, like almost anything, and have an effect on your baby.
So, it makes sense that the nursemaid was having a few, especially in a time when water wasn't pure or filtered like it is today. Depending on how drunk she was though, the parents who were paying for her room and board, were also paying to have their child slowly poisoned by the high doses that were also being secreted.
With that said, my recent issues of pumping has led me to hearing the answer "Have a beer" or "try brewers yeast", as an answer. With my milk supply diminishing and the thought of buying formula as depressing as finding out your pet was run over, I'm ready to try anything. I've had my rounds with brewers yeast tablets and have had in return, rounds of stomach pains. So, this has lead me to the option of buying formula or buying beer.
The trouble with buying beer is my experience with it in the past. I have a reputation with some friends of the ultra light weight, 2 beer queer, etc. I have gotten sick at past parties, more times than I care to admit. So, this is not something that I am doing to try and relive those good ole days. Cause those good ole days, weren't so good to me.
My trouble with buying formula, is that my daughter has already shown a lactose intolerance. The soy formula, is said to contain high levels of a metal that can become toxic. That and formula is expensive as heck.

So, I guess taking beer like taking Robitussin is my answer. Plug your nose and down it quick. It's got to be safer than a lot of OTC medicines and prescribed meds that are said to be safe. Right?

I guess I will find out if it's worth the shot.

LLL alcohol FAQ

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