Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My daughters gift

Those of you who have been following along for a while, might have an idea of what these are. For those of you who are just joining in my madness, these are my placenta pills.  I've been taking between one to three a day since I got them. These isn't a prescribed way to take them, it's mostly based on how you feel. Bad days, take more, good days, take less. They have a bit of a funny smell to them, but no worse than any other vitamin (not that I go around smelling vitamins).  I've been taking them for about three weeks now along with the iron tablet I was taking while I was pregnant.  I can't tell you how wonderful it has been. Sure there have been hard days, mostly it's just learning how to deal with two kids and really wanting to get out and work this baby weight off.  But, I can tell you I would not be this functional if I wasn't taking these and the iron. When I was three days post, I crashed. My mood crashed, my energy, everything.  (This was before they were finished.) I cried because my husband had burned the risotto. Yes you read that right, I wasn't cooking. I had started the meal and my husband took over because someone else was demanding food.  Well, he partially burned the butternut squash risotto I had started. It wasn't ruined, it just started to stick to the bottom of the pot. But that was enough to send me to our bedroom in tears. So, going on that trend, I don't think I would be functional without these vitamins. I'd probably be found in the bathroom crying because we were out of Kleenex or something else stupid. (Not deodorant though, I do cry when I run out of that.)

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  1. I remember many of these moments post partum esp after Erika was born...
    It "too shall pass" Sarah!!
    Or probably has already!
    Love ya,
    Tante Dorothy