Friday, March 25, 2011

Cloth diaper mental mayhem

I've been cloth diapering our daughter since her cord stump fell off. It's been a mish-mash of what was left that was usable in our stash from our son. I have four pocket diapers that are different brands (Kawaii baby, Coolababy, Sunbaby, and Babyland), I have the Dappi's rubber pants in size newborn which the elastic is stretched out on, I had bought some of the Dappi's size small velcro cloth diapers and I have one diaper cover by Flips (which also makes BumGenius). Gratefully my daughter has chunked up enough that we decided to go ahead and order a new stash of pocket diapers, the trouble was, which one????
With our son, I used a system of wraps and just used the Gerber cloth diapers. Towards the end I had attacked the Gerbers, sewn them together and created a contoured cloth diaper. Also, in my learning curve I had ruined four wraps by Bummis, which, surprisingly, wasn't that hard to do. But it was still money that went down the toilet and I ended up throwing them out. Which sucked because they were SOO Cute!

Now knowing what detergents are safe and how to wash them properly, I am ready to go into the world of pocket diapers. Which are awesome because they go on like a disposable, you pull out the insert when dropping it in the dirty pail, wash, dry, stuff, REPEAT! Love it! I love cloth diapering!  My dilemma was, which ones to go with? One of my friends love BumGenius, which I love too, but we just weren't ready to shell out over three hundred for cloth diapers. I love the Snazzy Minky Kawaii baby diaper, it's super absorbant, cute, but it's bulky as heck (huge diaper butt here!) and the legs and waist don't fit right. If you have the right fit on the waist, it's too tight on the legs, to the point of leaving red marks. The other three are nice, very nice actually, but they are made in China. Now this is where it got sticky with me. Do I order the American made diapers and pay twice as much? Or do I pay around $150 and get the same amount of diapers with similar quality? For about three days I had a headache because of this. In the end I went with the Coolabay diapers, bought on e-bay, made in China and I'll tell you why. Everything is made in China! The clothes I put on my kids are chinamade, my clothes are and so are my husbands. I pretty sure half the crap in our house is too. So, why feel guilty about it? I know, work conditions, pay, yadda yadda........but if I'm going to be a stckler about where the diapers are coming from, shouldn't I be about everything? Honestly. The point of cloth diapering is about saving money and the enviroment, which I can do with these diapers. So why the guilt trip? Because there are so few things that you have this much of an option with, that tells you where something came from. If I was shopping at a store that had a rack of American made clothes, same style, in with clothes made in other countries. I'd do my best to buy American made. Yet, if that shirt cost twice as much as the others, I'd think twice. Why? Because, like thousands of others, I'm not rich. I'd splurge on occasion and get the american made, but not if it meant putting myself in debt.

So with that being said, I guess I am a true American, I buy imported, made some where else, things. But I'm saving the enviroment...........that counts right?  Oh well, at least the diapers are cute.

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