Saturday, February 19, 2011

countdown, a sense of loss, and new ped.

Since my last entry we have finished getting everything for the birth, well almost, after this afternoon we will have absolutely everything. My husband took our son out to get a lead free garden hose and fish net, but that should be IT for supplies. I spent some time yesterday making postpartum pads for after the birth and froze them.  I did some using only gauze and some using the actual pads I'm planning on using afterward.  I also went out yesterday for two reason, first I had my prenatal visit with out new pediatricians. (All Smiles Here!!) and then I stopped at my favorite natural store to buy the supplies for the pads and some teas to drink after the birth to help with bleeding and cramping.  Made the mistake of stopping at the new "Fresh Market" first, just to see if they had what I needed there since it was closer via the route I was taking back in from the doctors office.  Ended up spending $25 on stuff that I didn't really need, but was going to need eventually.
Lesson One: don't shop when you are in full nesting mode. You will buy things you know you are going to need, but don't need right now, but will buy anyway because you know you are going to need them, even though there are other things you REALLY need to buy first.
After lunch, we went out and stocked up on food that is easy to prepare, mostly box mixes like hamburger helper, rice sides, etc. Things we don't normally buy, but since I won't be in any mood to cook and will probably have family here, hopefully between them and my husband, they will be able to cook without blowing up the kitchen.  From here on, we should only have to make "WE HAVE NO MILK!!" runs out to Stewarts, which is right down the road. The kind of grocery runs you can trust your husband to go out and not come home with everything else BUT what you sent him out for.  (My husbands actually really good about getting things that are on a list, my dad on the other hand is where I get my jokes from.)

In sad news, my absolute favorite parenting magazine "Mothering" is no longer going to be in print. They are turning into a web only magazine. Which makes me so extremely sad. I've saved every edition I've gotten since subscribing and am very glad that I did. It makes me so frustrated that other parenting magazines, that are mostly ads and useless dribble have finally put out a magazine that fills your head with real, usable knowledge. Things that make you think, rather than tell you what to think.  I feel such a sense of loss here. I will be going to the site more often to read the articles and get the yummy recipes they post, but it just won't be the same. Having something that doesn't have a diaper or formula ad on every other page, yelling out at you to buy their product, doesn't seem like much to ask. I guess the masses have chosen which kind of magazine they prefer to subscribe to and read.

That aside, I have to talk about our new pediatricians.  I only met one of them yesterday, but if they are both like that, then I think I have found doctor heaven. The office was very friendly and comfortable feeling. The staff was nice at the reception window, which I have to say scared me for a few minutes because at our old one, the staff was very nice, but the doctor wasn't.  The patient room I was in was decorated very fun with safari animals. The doctor was very nice and I have to say that the sense of relief that filled me talking to her was wonderful. To hear a doctor say that they have a lot of patients who have home births and that they work with my midwives often, was music to my ears. Then to hear her say that they are very lenient on vaccines and that they have clients that choose not  to vaccinate, to follow different schedules, etc and that they are fine with that is great. It's just so nice knowing that I won't feel like I'm putting my kids in danger or that they think I'm just another radical parent who isn't thinking about the safety of my child, is relieving.  I can't wait to work with them for my son and our new baby.

Postpartum pad recipe:

You will need: liquid aloe vera (not the ointment, liquid), witch hazel, essential lavender oil (not the perfume), foil, heavy duty pads or gauze.

On each pad/gauze put

1 tbsp witch hazel
1/2 tbsp aloe vera
1/4 tsp lavender oil

wrap in foil and freeze. use as needed.  (taken from Mothering Magazine.)
You can also fill a small spray bottle with these to make a spray for your sensitve spots if you don't like the idea of using pads or need more soothing.

Fill the bottle half with water and then add the list of ingredients above,
shake well before each use.  Use after you rinse off with your peri bottle and have patted dry.

Postpartum tea recomendations

Female Toner tea (to help tone the muscles of the uterus)
Red Raspberry leaf tea (to help with cramping during your cycle and postpartum)

Both are by Yogi and Traditional Medicines, both are sold at Natural Food Stores, you can also buy them in bulk at Jeans Greens.  They are under different names, but you just have to look at the ingredient list to find the right one.

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