Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ok, so the previous one wasn't my best. It was more of a stream of different things that I've found out and threw together without wanting to spend hours writing something way more in depth on each item. I'm sorry.

So I'll just talk about what life's been like for this feeling way to huge mama.

I had an appointment this past week and my whole family came with me. My husband had written down some questions of things that he had come across  while reading "The Birth Partner" which I got him for Christmas to help with an feelings or questions. We got our list of things that we need to purchase for the birth. Something else you don't really think about until you are planning a homebirth.  The list isn't this huge intense thing, it's not even really intimidating. My grocery shopping lists would knock this one into another dimension.  It does contain things that we are going to have to go out of our way for and things that we can just grab during a shopping trip. For starters we have to order a birth kit, which has things like gloves, umbilical cord clamp, waterproof pads, etc in it. It's nice that they have it all in one kit thing and that we don't have to hunt around for them at stores. Since we are renting a birthing pool instead of buying our own, we have to buy a liner for it. Then there is the pump and hose to empty and fill it. My husband is in complete charge of that. They also answered his question of "When do I fill it?".  We are getting the pool at 36 wks and we are going to do a test fill to see how long it takes with our water supply to fill it. Emptying it doesn't have the same amount of pressure as filling it does, so that part isn't as important.  Then there are basics like towels and olive oil.  Your probably wondering "Olive Oil?" that's to help with stretching so I don't tear.
Then all we have to do is figure out where the heck we are going to put the pool and just pile everything into a storage bin so it's all in one place.
The other thing that we have started working on figuring out is what the heck to do with our son. This would still be a problem if I was having the baby at the hospital, but the solution would also be easier. He could stay at home with the Grandmas and play with his toys. The trouble here is that I don't know when I am going to go into labor and when I'm actually going to have the baby. The Midwives said that what they've seen most is that the mother labors all day and the baby is born when the older ones are sleeping. They've also seen this with multiple siblings. The oldest is usually fine with the birth, but the ones closest in age to the baby is asleep. This makes sense when thinking about it. That's really the only time when a mom can completely relax and thus relax all the tension in the muscles needed in delivery. Some women can birth in almost any situation, but I guess this is most common.  Either way, we still need to think of something just in case.  We've come up with that if my friend who is not due the same week as me is NOT in labor, she agreed to take him. Which really this ideal if it works since she lives about a mile away, walking distance. In return we've agreed to watch her kids if they need to run to the hospital at a moments notice and who they have lined up isn't there yet.
The second option is that the Grandmas take him out to the mall to play and walk around while I'm in the later stages of labor.
Our last option is my aunt who has two boys, one my sons age and one who is going to be five months by then, said that she would watch him.
In all of these options though, time comes into it. If the baby is not born by dinnertime, he is to come home and the grandmas will be in charge of feeding, bathing, and (hopefully) getting him to bed. Either that or just sitting upstairs watching a movie, reading books, and playing quiet games. One of the good bits of advice we were given though, is that if there was someone who was fine with being at the birth or not being present when the baby is born, is really most ideal. Which really it is, but in our situation just not very possible. Come on now, who doesn't want to see a new baby?
So these are things that have been rolling around and have finally found a home in our plan.

The other thing that I've been fighting within myself and I know that's it's mostly because of what stage I'm at in my pregnancy. I just haven't been feeling like doing anything. I know I need to listen to my affirmations and relaxation cds, I also need to get out and go for a walk, and I need to finish reading the book that I've been stuck on for the past month. On top of that I need to force myself to eat a better diet and just get organized. I just don't want to. To be completely honest, I just want to sit on the sofa all day or just sleep. But I know that's just because I'm approaching the finish line and the baby is demanding on my energy supplies. That and chasing an almost 3yr old all day wears on you. I'm not sleeping well, which I know is because of my diet and lack of exercise. Which in turn is making it hard for me to find the will to do what I need to do. I'm hoping this passes soon so I can get myself back to where I need to be. That's also why the previous entry was so scattered. My brain is mush.

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