Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If we are that impressionable and they know it, we're in trouble.

I've been in the mood to watch "The Business of Being Born" again recently, that was the movie that really started this whole journey for me. I love that movie, almost as much as I love grapefruits. But the grapefruit love will probably go away after this baby, because it is just a craving.  I know there are people who don't want to watch movies because of who is in them or what the movie is about. I understand, I've made very biased choices like that in my life.
To begin with, I've never been a big fan of daytime talk, morning talk, afternoon talk, basically any talk shows. I've always left with a sense of "Wow I just blew an hour." I will watch them occasionally, but only if I see a preview for the show and it is about something that I'm really interested in. But to be honest, I can only handle so many 'It happened to me' 'My Miracles' etc stories. I'm kinda the same with birth stories, I love them, but after about ten it's overkill. So that being said, I'm not the ultimate fan of Ricki Lake. I barely remember her daytime talk show. I loved her in 'Hairspray', but that's about the extent.
(I'm not trying to sell this movie or anything, I just really really love it.) I watched it with my husband the first time and to be frank, it's a movie that I wished I had seen before I had had my son. It would of opened this already cracked door in time for me to of had a different first birth. But oh well.
It's a movie that really any women who is planning on having kids should see. It's not shoving natural birth in your face, it's just putting the facts out, showing some stories, there is birth in it and it ends well. It leaves you with the feeling that there is room in this world for both types of birth.  Okay, enough about the movie.
What I want to get to is a question that was raised in the movie. If we heard about how celebrities were planning their home births and there were entire center page spreads dedicated to it, would the public follow? This would be in place of hearing about Britney Spears' elective c-sections and how she had a tummy tuck. Or Posh Spice and how she had planned every one of her sons c-sections around David Beckhams games, how she had her tummy tuck and came out looking..........well Posh.  People spend millions on things that celebrities have, bags, shoes, cars, houses, furniture, etc. Same with new moms, they want what so and so is using for her stroller, carseat, diaper bag, diaper brand, clothes, etc. It's not that the 'alternative' way isn't there, it just isn't talked about. You don't see People magazine with "Owen Wilson and Jade Duell's Peaceful Home Birth." It isn't even a blurb in the magazine, they might mention they had the baby, but that's it. Bottles for Breastfeeding, c-sections for naturals, Pampers for cloth. You wouldn't think it would be faux paux, but it is. It shouldn't be.

 I work at a retail store and I have overheard so many young girls talking about their bodies and how they want to be able to wear a bikini after they have a baby or how having a baby stretches your crotch all out.  There was one time I overheard a young couple in the bras, she was just looking at what there was and he made some comment about how she better not ever wear 'granny panties' and went on about how he would dump a women if she wore those, etc. I actually piped up and said that it's all about comfort after you have kids.  He looked at me and said "Then I ain't havin' no kids."  Really? I know kids cuts down on your sex life but your gonna leave your woman if she ever wears just plain black undies? You my friend have some issues.

I know this isn't everyone. There are normal, sane people out there. I read their blogs, hear their stories, buy their products. It's just sad that things that are good for us are still such a minority. I'm not trying to change the world. I'm not trying to make you feel bad and say "OK, I'll buy the organic baby food, stop making me cry!"
There just seems to be something really wrong with this. Maybe I'm old fashioned, maybe I'm crazy, either way something smells fishy and it isn't me. I showered today.

Owen Wilson and Jade Duell

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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