Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thoughts while traveling

Apart from being on the verge of starving most of the time while hunting for food that I can eat and scouring through restaurant menus, hoping that the clues from the basic ingredients are enough to guide me.
I've become very aware of how hard it is to live in today's modern world with a food allergy.

I brought some basics with me: gluten free cereal, kale chips, almond butter, coconut milk yogurt and pop tarts (hey, they were on sale). But I have since learned a lot of the harsh realities of how hard it really is. The corner store offered some tidbits, but there wasn't 1 item that could be dubbed meal worthy (not even a frozen dinner). Everything contains what I cannot eat; meat, dairy or gluten.

The first day of our trip, my food was breakfast, since everything in the breakfast bar offered at the hotel (except for fruit) was out. Indian food was a decent lunch and Chinese veggie rice was a scanty dinner. Despite 2 helpings.

Breakfast is probably the hardest because I miss sausages and bagels probably the most. I have succeeded in finding gluten free bagels, but they are a sad replacement to a Bruegers (which there either that or a DD at EVERY corner here).

The second day was harder. We ate a sit down dinner at PF Chang's, which despite their generosity at having a vegetarian menu, I'm am almost positive as I write this that the tofu was tipped in something. Dinner was a choice of the lesser of the two evils, Meat or Dairy? My option of going with dairy is not boding well. Despite topping it off with more kale chips.

As I write this sitting here lamenting the contents of my stomach and how I have nothing to eat. Someone who has been eating something they shouldn't have has just been loaded into an ambulance across the street at a pizza place. I may complain about my diet, but that is the reason I do it.

At least I hope that's what the result won't be.

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