Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yesterdays Apt

Had a busy day yesterday. I had my 27 week appointment in the afternoon, which went fine. I'm measuring right on the money and the baby's heartbeat is strong. (We aren't finding out the sex until the baby is born.) One of the many things that I like is that rather than it being a get you in and out type appointment. They allot about an hour so you can sit and talk. Which for someone as absent minded as I am, that is perfect. I can't say how many times I had a question that wasn't answered or was forgotten completely with my OB.  It is just so nice to sit and talk about anything really. We get the basics out of the way and then basically talk about how I'm feeling or anything that has popped into my mind.
I was given the option of taking the Glucose test, which I opted out of after talking for a while about it. I have to get some blood work done and they are just going to take my level with it. She said if it comes back high, then I will have to carry around a monitor and test before and after meals for a week. It seems like a hassle, but really does a One hour Glucose test really tell you if you are diabetic? I got a positive back with my son and passed the three hour I took later that week. Also there are symptoms of diabetes that will display themselves if you really are.  It might seem haphazard to some people, but when you start to think about it it makes sense.

Later that day I had to pick up some books that I scored for free on Craigslist. (I love Craigslist!)  They are older books but ones that are still in print. They were: Home Birth an Invitation and Guide by Alice Gilgoff (which was one I wanted to read but hadn't bought yet), 2 copies of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Growing Together by Dr. Sears Sr, Becoming the Father you want to be, and two others I can't remember at the moment. (They are downstairs and I don't feel like going down to get them.)
I've started to read the first one and so far am enjoying it. I feel so bad for all the women who helped re-pioneer midwifery for my moms generation and beyond. They were put in such horrible, horrible situations while they were in labor. From Doctors stressing moms out about how much weight they gained (to the point that some starved themselves and smoked to keep it down) to ignorantly pulling on the umbilical cord to pull out the placenta.  And that's not even the worst, I'll save the nightmares for later.

Then today, I scored six newborn sized AIO Thirsties cloth diapers, also from craigslist. Just having a really good couple of days. :o)


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